Black Glutinous Lapis Legit Recipe

This recipe is my own creation, Mother
This cake is a combination of wingko cake and Maksuba cake using black sticky rice and the result is Wow Wow the family really likes it .
The texture is soft and even though it's entered into the refrigerator the texture is still chewy and soft not hard at all.

Materials needed:

Material A:
7 chicken / duck eggs
1 teaspoon of liquid vanilli / powder
140 milli liter of sweetened condensed milk
200 gram of sugar (if you don't like it sweet, you can reduce it)
600 milk liter santan

Material B:
70 grams of black sticky rice flour
70 grams of white glutinous rice flour

Material C:
100 grams of dried grated coconut
140 milk liter of melted butter

*Prepare a baking pan in diameter 18 × 18 centimeters rub with margarine

Recipe and Turtorial how to make a video version can check at the link below

How to make:

~ Mixer material A with low speed until the sugar has more or less dissolved 5 minutes can also be mixed with a wisk balloon

Stir the ingredients B until the flour has dissolved and does not clot and then strain.

~ Enter Material B into ingredient A, mix thoroughly with a wisk balloon.

~ Enter the ingredients C into the mixture of ingredients A and B before stirring evenly .

~ Take the dough 2 vegetable spoon enter into a baking pan with a temperature of 160 ° Celsius using top fire down until the surface is brownish yellow.

~ remove from the oven press the plan slowly with Legit plywood cookie cutter and fold with dough again 2 ladle, for the second oven and after that it is enough to just use the top flame and do it until the batter runs out .

~ Miro grilling process by making Maksuba cake so this cake is cooked a combination of wingko cake and Maxuba cake yes mother.

~ wait really cold just remove from the pan and cut into pieces.

~ if not finished can be stored in the refrigerator .

Good luck


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