Economic Coat of arms by Muu Razak

Vampire coat 10 egg. Those who want to make a layer and are curious about the taste, but still thinking of the large number of eggs, hehe
Now this is an alternative with economical recipes. Quite legit, but it is true, the premium ingredients are much better.
But no problem still in the world of bedding really

The layer is a bit chaotic, on the plywood I lost everywhere.

material :
10 egg yolk
10 egg white grains
1/3 tsp vanilla
350 gr margarine blue band cake n cookies
250 grams of refined sugar
2 sachet Sweetened condensed milk
30 wheat flour

How to make :
– Beat margarine with refined sugar until fluffy, set aside(15 minute)
– Add vanilla, egg yolks gradually with sweetened condensed Milk.
-Beat the egg whites until fluffy, then add the previous egg whisk whisk, stir well with a spatula.
-Prepare an 18 × 18 baking pan that has been smeared and coated with baking paper.
– Grilled, layer the dough by using a cup size, or a large vegetable spoon with a fire top with a brownish surface, do it until it runs out.
-Each layer, pressed using a plywood press.

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